About me - ''Lucyna's Paintings'' Lucyna Ruszkiewicz Poznań
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About me

I am speeding up on my artistic swing. I play with my painting. It is one of the things which come to me with an ease and lightness, joy and abundance.


My truth is a portrait of woman, her emotions, body, gesture. Relations between people, intimate situations, tention and empowering light. Energy of life.


Vastness of beloved sea. Nostalgy of the colour, balance, breath and cry of the gull. Longing. Feeling of immense existance.


When i look at inspirational picture and I am touched by the person or the object, I interpret the feeling on convert it to the image on the canvas.

Welcome to my world. What else can happen here?

I graduated from Poznań Art Highschool and completed University of Art. In 1998 with a diploma completed at the studio of profesor Andrzej Leśniak. Artetherapist, graduated from


I run Studio of Personal Development for women, conduct individual therapy, I am also the personal image counsellor. I practice energetic processes access bars.

I paint with acrylic paints on professonal canvas. I develop my own painting technique: combining delicate drawing with brush with  strong energetic colourful stain. Light and almost transparent space on the canvas with expressive colours often put as impast. Topics are usually women and their emotions and my beloved sea.


Lucyna’s paintings were presented in the galleries and on different artistic events. I also suport charity auctions. My paitings are in the privat collections in Poland and abroad: Germany, Austria, Denmark and Nederlands. Every painting is signed and marked as Lucyna’s Painting with unique title, date and signature.